OptiVelox brand was founded in 2004 to develop innovative measurement instruments for the industrial automation sector.
After the initial period characterized by the production of tools dedicated primarily to non-contact measurement of displacements and speed,
the research and development of the company has been moving toward the field of energy conservation and renewable energy. In addition to that, part of the team is currently focusing on the development of apps and sensors for mobile devices.

The Optivelox instruments are characterized by the massive use of wireless technologies joined with professional sensor systems able to guarantee high performance with maximum operational flexibility.
The entire chain of production is located in Tuscany (Italy) and is organized in such a way as to allow a direct contact with the customer with the ability to make changes or customizations of a single product.

Some innovative Optivelox products:

OV1: Optical infrared Velocimeter (dx = 11 mm)

OV2: Optical infrared Velocimeter (dx = 100 mm)

THERMOZIG: Heat flow meter for in-situ measurements of thermal transmittance. First instrument of the kind based on a ZigBee wireless network able to perform simultaneous measurements on two or more walls of a building

SOLARZIG: measurement system for verification and testing of photovoltaic plants. Up to 16 volt-amperometric clamps, wireless solarimeter, voltage probes with magnetic hooking, system performance displayed in real time

SMARTDISPLAY SD01/02/03/04/05: family of giant displays for supervision and control of photovoltaic systems. First device of its kind with integrated datalogger on board and advanced communications interfaces (WEB server, ETH, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, GSM, SMS alarm)

PHOTOZIG: measurement system for I-V curve of PV modules or strings. High resolution I-V tracer, wireless solarimeter, ease of integration with the Solarzig system (same software suite)

SM04: meteo station with temperature and irradiance measurements

SS01: IR array for non-contact temperature measurements on mobile devices

SS02: Sensor for solar irradiances & UV index measurements on mobile devices
SS03: Sensor for hydration measurements on mobile devices

SS04: Sensor for light and exposure measurements on mobile devices
SS05: Sensor for radioactivity measurements on mobile devices
SS06: Sensor for flash light measurements on mobile device

SS07: Mic sensor for high quality audio stereo recordings
SS08: Binaural sensor for high quality audio stereo recordings
THERMOZIG BLE: Heat flow meter for in-situ measurements of thermal transmittance based on a Bluetooth LE wireless network, able to perform simultaneous measurements on two or more walls of a building

SD06: Smart WEB Datalogger

SS11: Sensor for Wi-Fi scanning/sniffing