Audio2USB converter
SS07 is a plug-in adapter for your Android smartphone
designed for audio recordings through USB interface
Capture videos with unbelievable sound quality!

With SS07 you can easily use your smartphone as a professional audio recorder. Analog audio signals are converted by SS07 adapter to a digital stream (up to 24-bit/192kHz) ready to be recorded through USB interface.

Just plug an SS07 into your phone and you are ready to capture sounds from microphones, instruments or line-level devices.
If you love live recordings you might enjoy to plug a MIC2 or MIC3 head into SS07 and get a full stereo USB microphone in a compact and rock solid product!

SS07 characteristics:

1. Mini-USB connector
2. Power ON LED (Blue)
3. Audio analog input (jack 3.5 mm, 4P)
4. Vphantom ON LED (Red)
5. Left channel microphone
6. Right channel microphone
Download SS07 datasheet:

Download MIC2/MIC3 datasheet:

SS07 is compatible with the app Field Recorder. You can download it  from Google Play Store:
SS07 is also supported by UARecorder:

(1) Is my phone compatible with SS07 ?

SS07 requires an Android smartphone with USB host support. As a guidance please check:, if your phone is in the list there is a good chance it will be compatible. If in doubt, please ask for a confirmation about the compatibility of your particular model of smartphone.
(2) What is the difference between MIC2 and MIC3 ?

MIC2 is the general purpose mic designed for SS07. MIC3 allows you to capture signals with higher SPL but features a little lower sensitivity. You might need MIC3 for very loud sound recordings, for example if the mic is placed close to high power loudspeakers.