USB Binaural Microphone
SS08 - The first binaural microphone designed for audio recordings on Android smartphones
Shot videos with 3D sound!

By using SS08 you can easily turn your smartphone into a professional binaural audio recorder.

Each mic captures the sound right next to the ear canal within the pinna. This results in an extremely realistic sense of the space where the recording was made. While recording, your hearing is not impaired and you can forget about mics while you are enjoying the sound of the performance.

Just plug SS08 into your phone and you are ready to capture 3D sounds at the highest quality level (up to stereo 24bit/96kHz).
SS08's microphones has been especially designed to be easily placed in the optimum position. These microphones are light and non-intrusive and can be comfortably used also wearing glasses.

Today you can capture incredibly realistic video. Don’t allow the sound quality of your smartphone to let down the power and emotion of the footage!
We took these short videos with a smartphone in which was plugged our SS08 binaural mic. The audio track is switching back and forth between internal microphone and SS08. Hear the difference! Please, use your headphone to best evaluate the comparison.
Close you eyes and imagine you are on the road...can you guess how far the truck is speeding away from you?

SS08 characteristics:

1. USB interface
2. Power ON LED (Blue)
3. Left channel microphone input
4. Right channel microphone input
Download SS08 datasheet:

SS08 is compatible with the app Field Recorder. You can download it  from Google Play Store:
SS08 is also supported by UARecorder:

(1) Is my phone compatible with SS08 ?

SS08 requires an Android smartphone with USB host support. As a guidance please check:, if your phone is in the list there is a good chance it will be compatible. If in doubt, please ask for a confirmation about the compatibility of your particular model of smartphone.
(2) Why USB and not Bluetooth ?

High quality digital audio requires high sample rates; SS08 can output up to 24bit/192kHz (4,608,000 bps), this is beyond Bluetooth bandwidth capacity. Besides, as SS08 is powered by the communication interface, there is no additional batteries to be worry about.
(3) How much SS08 will reduce battery life of my phone ?

SS08 features a quite low power consumption (5V/35mA typ @48k). That means that, for example with a Samsung Galaxy S6, the battery life could typically decrease from 12:00h to about 10:00h (16.6% shorter).
(4) What is the difference between SS08 and SS08P ?

SS08P (alias SS08 PRO) is a high-end audiophile version of SS08. Particularly, it differs from SS08 in having:

- Improved A/D-Converter (7dB lower noise)
- High-end mic capsules (20dB lower noise)
- Distortion-free film capacitors along the analog signal paths
(5) What is the difference between binaural and stereo sound ?

Binaural sound is recorded by SS08 with two microphones placed next to your ear canals. The result, when using good headphones for playback, is an extremely realistic sense of the space where the recording was made (3D sound). This takes advantage of the small differences in the sound arriving at one ear compared to the other, which also is affected by your head being between them, and some audio differences produced by your external ears, as well.
On the other hand, when listened to on headphones, the image of a traditional stereo sound often seems to be in the middle of your head rather than in the original recording space.
(6) How to get an SS08 mic ?

SS08 will be sold with a €99 retail price. We are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support our USB binaural mic and it will be offered to earliest backers starting from only €39. Don't miss this chance!