Front End




Each FE02 is a complete multi-channel acquisition system specifically designed for accurate measurements of temperature, relative humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, irradiance, thermal flux. The device includes sensors for measurement, signal conditioning circuitry and circuitry to interface the radio modem.

A radio modem of RM01 family can be directly connected to the DB9 connector of FE02 and once connected, both devices are powered by the internal battery. Just add a radio modem to a FE02 device and you get a complete measurement node able to communicate with DL01 or DL02 dataloggers.

All the configuration parameters, such as the sampling time Ts, are stored into the internal non-volatile memory. Every Ts seconds, FE02 converts the sensor signals into digital signals and sends them into a data packet to the datalogger.

Thanks to a low-power electronic circuitry, each measurement node is able to operate with very high autonomy; the battery life can vary from one day (Ts = 1 s) up to several months (Ts > 1 min). The battery, internal to the radio modem, is rechargeable and can be fully restored within a couple of hours.


Construction details

Each FE02 is capable of handling from 1 to 6 independent measuring channels. There are various models of FE02 with different number and type of the sensors used.

The FE02 devices are pre-calibrated and interchangeable with each other. Since the datalogger is able to automatically detect the number of channels and the related physical quantities, it is not requested by the operator any further configuration.


Download FE02 Data Sheet