Front End



The FE04H unit is equipped with the necessary electronic circuitry for conditioning and the AD conversion of current and voltage signal. The digital output data (16/32 bit) are made available externally via a galvanic isolated RS485 serial bus.

The number of FE04H connected together on the communication bus depends essentially on the power capacity of the master; if the master is a DL01/DL02 datalogger this number is limited to 16.

As each analog channel is individually calibrated with the calibration curve stored in EEPROM, every FE04H is fully interchangeable. In particular, the current clamp is calibrated linearizing the response throughout the operating range so to provide maximum accuracy in all conditions.

The communication bus is accessed via an high quality push-pull, each device also makes available an additional connector so to allow a daisy chain scheme with multiple devices. The instrument power supply is provided through the communication bus, there is no battery on board.


Interfacing with DL01


INT11 enables the DL01 datalogger to interface directly one or more FE03/04 devices

Once inserted in DOCK2 of DL01, through its DB9 connector, the INT11 interface provides the access to the RS485 bus through a circular connector compatible with FE03/04 devices. The connector carries the digital signals and the DC power supply enough to handle up to 16 devices simultaneously connected.

The DL02 datalogger may be provided with the INT11 interface onboard.


Example of cascade connection



General specifications

The instrument can measure currents up to 1600 A, voltages up to
1000 V and power of a value up to 1600 kW.

Each device is individually calibrated over all the useful range and the actual accuracy is typically much better than the given specification (as shown in the chart below concerning the typical error on the measurement of power). This feature places the instrument on a level of quality far superior to similar products on the market.

Download FE04H Data Sheet