Radio Modem





The RM01 is a radio modem module operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band (Industrial, Scientific & Medical). Thanks to compatibility with the IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee protocols, it allows the implementation of low power sensor networks.

The typical outdoor range is 100 meters or over 1 km using the RM01-P model with higher transmission power. Inside the module is a built-in battery that can be used to power supply both the modem and a device of the FE01/02 families. The internal battery is rechargeable and can be fully restored within a couple of hours using a charger compatible with Li-Po batteries or inserting the module into the slot of a datalogger DL01 or DL02.

The complete network comprises one ore more nodes equipped with measurement sensors and one coordinator node (datalogger). Each node has a radio modem RM01 operating according to the ZigBee standard; the communication takes place via a star network (denominated DataZig) in which the datalogger is its center. Each node operates with its own unique address and is able to automatically repeat the communication in case of collision or improper reception of the data.

The battery life is optimized by the communication protocol; each measurement node remains active only for the time necessary to transfer data and then is automatically turned off. The frequency of sampling is determined by the front end device (FE01/02).


Using the radio modem



In order to use a radio modem RM01 with a front end FE01/02 and build a measurement node, is sufficient to connect together the two modules through their DB9 connectors. Once made the connection, both devices are powered by the internal modem battery and the node becomes ready to operate.


Battery Charger CB01


The battery of the radio modem can be recharged directly from the DL01 datalogger (up to 3 batteries simultaneously) or from the DL02 datalogger (a single battery at a time). In the case where you have many radio modems and want to speed up the charging process, it is available the dedicated charger CB01.

Download RM01 Data Sheet